Local Supply & Services: How can a localised supply get our economy back on track?

After the challenges faced throughout the pandemic, the importance of using localised supplies and services has proven essential to the rail industry. Trovon’s in-housing model delivers reduced turnaround and lead times, freight costs and reduced dependence on OEM, resulting in competitive pricing. Developing a local supply chain and utilising and developing existing labour, local and in-house technical capabilities to facilitate getting the economy back on track after the pandemic, reducing the risk of logistics disruption and increasing operating efficiency.

Trovon utilises your existing labour to help you maximise the outcome from your staff, training them through the process to reduce the reliance on OEMs in future and allowing you to handle maintenance or issues promptly for a faster turnaround at a lower cost.

We provide an industry-leading turnaround with tailored service programs, component refurbishment and order release that can be measured in days rather than weeks.

Trovon Group Pty Ltd.

Trovon offers a localised service tailored to meet fleet budget and program requirements. Trovon’s unique re-engineering processes significantly reduce both the expense and waste involved in unnecessarily replacing parts or products, which in turn leads to a measurable reduction in costs, inventory, labour, and input energy and emissions required to produce replacement equipment, components, or parts.

At Trovon, efficiency and quality are critical to us. Our local supply chain partners work closely with metal fabricators and fitters to deliver quality parts in a shorter turnaround time. The resultant outcome is a Win/Win for both your bottom line and the environment.

Trovon Group Pty Ltd.

Transportable work cells

Components and parts are re-engineered at Trovon’s centre of excellence (CoE) in Sydney, where a dedicated team of specialist engineers apply high-performance re-engineering processes and AI to design optimal solutions. Documentation packs, work instructions, tools/testing equipment, and modular work cells are designed / tested at Trovon’s CoE. Work cells are shipped to or replicated at the Trovon or qualified partner workshop most proximate to the relevant customer fleet.

With state-of-the-art facilities, we consistently outperform other independents and provide a value-rich alternative to the typical OEM offering.

Trovon Group Pty Ltd.

Work cells are built and commissioned with oversight from Trovon engineers and technicians.

Local labour is trained and supervised by Trovon engineers, technicians, production managers, project managers, and Regional BDMs in the local delivery of maintenance services per Trovon processes and procedures.

The Future

Trovon: Towards a profitable and sustainable future

With the PE backing, we are expanding to new geographical locations, & introducing our asset life extension services.

Trovon Group Pty Ltd.

Soon, we will be launching automated inspections and then transcribe that to tracks, wires, and signals. We can go more into more operational efficiencies for our customers and ourselves. Passenger experience: I think the possibilities are limitless.

Trovon Group Pty Ltd.

Sustainability engineering

At Trovon, we understand that equipment must operate efficiently and reliably to ensure that operational service availability remains at the high levels demanded by asset operators. We also acknowledge that as equipment ages, its reliability diminishes, but this does not need to be the case!

Trovon Group Pty Ltd

We deliver solutions to reliably extend the life of critical systems through a process of Product Improvement that heavily integrates root cause analysis techniques with design, materials, operational and environmental analysis. This results in the Life Extension of customer assets, thereby reducing the waste involved in the manufacture of new products.

Trovon Group Pty Ltd

Trovon’s Global Footprint

We supply and maintain critical rolling stock sub-systems by employing proprietary engineering processes and AI that extends service intervals and component life while offering a quicker, cheaper and localised alternative for operators.

Trovon Group Pty Ltd.

Trovon: the future

Trovon’s capabilities are now available to various countries throughout MENA, SEA, CEE & LATAM regions. In addition, we are increasing coverage of components and customers by establishing local service facilities in key regions. Trovon operates in Sydney, Melbourne, and Dubai and has representation in Argentina, Malaysia, Poland, Egypt and Turkey.

We have a strong commitment to sustainable development and the environment. Our approach reduces the input energy and emissions required to produce replacement equipment, reduces waste generated by the disposal of the existing equipment, and extends the life of the components, which enhances the customer’s asset value.

Trovon Group Pty Ltd.

Who is Trovon?

Founded as Sabre Rail Australia Pty Ltd in 2015, the business has expanded component coverage from brakes to HVAC and doors for major projects relating to the likes of Sydney Trains, Yarra Trams, Alstom and Greater Wellington Rail.

Trovon group are leading independent asset remediation specialist and rolling stock sub-system maintainers with a wealth of experience in mainline, high-speed, freight, metro and light rail asset management and MRO services. Trovon’s asset optimisation specialists take customer service and development innovation to another level striving for excellence in repairing, rebuilding and remanufacturing complex safety-critical equipment. Established as Sabre Rail Australia in 2015, Trovon’s engineering, maintenance, and supply chain capabilities (developed in Australia) are now available in various countries throughout the #MENA, #SEA, #CEE & #LATAM regions. Trovon is supported by a blue-chip customer base, many of which are long-standing customers of the business providing recurring project work or ongoing multi-year contract terms.

Learn more about Trovon Group and SYVX.

Our highly skilled Team is always eager to discuss any complex issue you may have when it comes to keeping your rolling stock well-maintained and moving. We believe engineering excellence is no longer enough in the modern rail sector, so we’re taking customer service and development innovation to another level.

At Trovon, we understand that equipment must operate efficiently and reliably to ensure that operational service availability remains at the high levels demanded by asset operators. We offer a wealth of experience in mainline, high-speed, freight, metro and light rail component maintenance services.

We deliver:

  • Cost-effective, high quality, safety assured, short lead time offering
  • Advanced engineering and AI-driven approach to asset life optimisation
  • Proprietary supply chain of bespoke and parallel parts
  • Localised services delivered by transportable work cells & qualified partners
  • Inhouse engineering & manufacturing capabilities.

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