High Performance Re-engineering Services

We pioneered the "real-time" turnaround service and continue to innovate across multiple international markets.

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Sustainability Engineering

At Trovon, we understand that equipment must operate efficiently and reliably to ensure that operational service availability remains at the high levels demanded by asset operators. We also acknowledge that as equipment ages, its reliability diminishes, but this does not need to be the case!

We have a strong commitment to sustainable development and the environment

We deliver solutions to reliably extend the life of critical systems through a process of Product Improvement that heavily integrates root cause analysis techniques, with design, materials, operational and environmental analysis. This results in the Life Extension of customer assets, thereby reducing the waste involved in the manufacture of new products.

Our approach reduces the input energy and emissions required to produce replacement equipment, reduces waste generated by disposal of the existing equipment, and extends the life of the components which enhances the customer’s asset value.

Remote Monitoring Capabilities

We can add monitoring equipment to any system and develop a bespoke proactive monitoring, analysis, and repair-based asset reliability solution.

Technical Maintenance Planning

We undertake condition-based assessments to review fleet technical maintenance plans and optimise component overhaul intervals based on vehicle usage data, and component condition.

Product Improvements

The culmination of our engineering services, we undertake component design modifications to improve life cycle cost, optimise performance, increase life, reduce maintenance costs, and provide a better return on your assets.

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